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by Charity
"Our heart knows what our mind has forgotten- it knows the sacred within all that exists, and through a depth of feeling we can once again experience this connection, this belonging."
-Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee
It is well known, there are both significant and subtle energies that we all express as individuals and collectively; and each expression is as unique as the other. These energies are expressed within through and around our physical body. Some call this soul energy, others call this chi, qi, vitality, prana, or life force, or GRACE. No matter the word, each person, couple, friendship and family have individual interactions that express themselves uniquely, and each is influenced by the other. I am an Energy Artist, and I create what I call "Soul Portraits" which are beautiful one-of-a- kind paintings, in essense, -a creative and tangible vision of soul energy displayed on canvas!  Creating energy art as a means to convey what I see and feel through the beautiful colors and movement onto canvas is very moving, enlightening and healing!  Each portrait is unique to the individual(s) being painted!! Many times Guides and Angels grace the Soul Portrait as well.
When viewing your personal Soul Portrait or a portrait of someone you know and love you may see and feel emotions, personalities and sentiments as they shine through - creating a beautiful piece of art that will resonate with you. See below and pay attention to what arises for you when you view a particular Portait!!
These portraits can be expressions of individuals, couples, friends or entire families and yes- even including pets! The portraits make great gifts, both to yourself or for special occassions like birthdays, weddings, births and soul transition. Soul Portraits exude a positive vibration and are intended to be hung in an auspicios place including personal work space, office, bedroom or living room and even hospital rooms for facilitating healing.
The paintings are acrylic on 1.5" deep canvas (which does not require framing and are ready to hang) and may also include healing crystals and stones and other media for deeper energetic expression. (Portraits can also be thin and displayed on a portrait stand.) Many sizes are available and can be customized according to your desires!
It would be an honor and a pleasure to paint for you and your loved ones!!
Collectively: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Raguel, Jophiel
Deborah Sally Margaux
Deborah commissioned this Soul Portrait of herself and her daughter Margaux (who passed away at 15 from cancer) her Soul Sister and Spiritual mentor Sally, (who also has transitioned to the other side). She has it displayed in at the Hollywood Healing Center in Hollywood, Florida to bless the healing space. 18x36

One word, one connection, one flowing into the other, within, though and around.

This is a Soul Portrait of 2 star crossed lovers only together for a short time on Earth but the Eternal love is Universal and Limitless!
Individual Soul Portrait
"Daniel and Jane"
This Soul portrait was painted as an Anniversary gift and they have been married over 20 years. As the portrait was painted it became obvious they both have keenness in focusing efforts and energy on balancing one another; therefore they have always seen each other as complete equals, true complements to one another’s strengths and weaknesses.   20x20
Ellyn: Individual SoulPortrait
She is in a transformative process, becoming, evolving, and blossoming into authenticity. I was moved by the symbol of the Peacock that came through as a powerful animal totem. Peacocks represent transformation, transition, new beginnings, the chalcopyrite placed near the center of the piece assists in open communication with the higher self and spirit guides to facilitate these transitions in life. Only later did it come to my attention that stone is also called “Peacock Ore”! (The synchronicity is great!)
Individual Soul Portrait 
Each painting is a one of a kind Soul Portrait!!
This is a Soul Portrait of Nicole! Her energy emanates the divine feminine through the symbolism of the Spiral- as an image of time, the ebb and flow, death and rebirth and subsequent regeneration through life's experiences.
The following Soul Portrait of Tara was a gift from her mother to her daughter and son in law who live in Dubai and their initial reactions once the Soul Portrait was seen for the first time.
The first thing I thought of is that it is so ME!  It made me think of my passion for traveling and seeing the world.  The orange star shapes made me think of passion, energy and excitement.  Joi de vivre!  The cool sea green reminds me of the oceans and seas I have swum in and flown over, and how there is still so much more to experience.  The stones in the middle made me think of different types of terrain (mountains, desert, sea), and the fact that they were condensed in the middle expressed to me that the world is really quite small, relatively speaking.   Conversely, sometimes I just long for home and find floating around the world to be a bit dizzying (especially in times of unrest and disasters, like now), so the nucleus of the painting made me think of words like cozy and safe.  Would paradoxical be the right word to use?  I guess we are all a bit paradoxical!  Other times it makes me think of God.  It does change a bit every time; I'll keep you posted.  I just wanted to say thank you so much and tell you my initial reaction. ---Tara
The following is from Carrie, Tara's mother, after seeing the
Soul Portrait for the first time:
The colors take my breath away. So beautiful! These are all Tara's very favorite colors. She loves the orange, and also the teal blues. (How did you know that?)

Looking at this beautiful painting...I get a feeling that I am looking at another place from a distance, from somewhere out in the universe, or from another location far away. I am instantly drawn toward a destination in the center of the painting that seems specific in a physical sense, yet not in a spiritual sense. It is far away, but yet close. It (the destination) is surrounded by many other places of importance--things from the past and present, which have influenced the destination, but that are no longer necessary to be as focused on (the six outer globes), as is the destination, the present. The destination is the wide open earth/world, with a reason, a purpose. I feel excitement about the destination, and a lot of love. Sometimes I get the feeling that I am seeing it from another person’s viewpoint. I think it is you, Charity, and then it seems like it is God, too. In the central part of the painting I see oceans and landforms, and in the outer portion near the center there are people and many beautiful places—forests, cities, and rivers. Some of the locations are smooth, others are a bit rough. All are beautiful and have been visited by the person whose destination is in the center of the painting. I “see” and feel so much in this painting…Love! Adventure! Beauty! Peace! It is so peaceful, yet stirs so many emotions. I get goose bumps and tears of love and joy!

After looking at it for a while longer, it changes to be a woman in the center, with the world in the distance surrounding her. There are many different landscapes and people. The same outer globes (consisting of energy from past and present places, experiences, and people) surrounding her seem to be emitting positive feelings of sincere love and admiration. The sea on one side, and land on the other have been drawn in by her, and remain close beside her, very close to her body. She cherishes and protects them. Both are dear to her. Her arm is extended as though she is celebrating that she has found her “destination,” and she is declaring her deep feeling of love and devotion. It is as though she is announcing to the world that she is where she wants to be, not necessarily in a physical sense, but more of a spiritual sense. She has arrived. She loves and is loved. She is happy! ---Carrie
WOW!! Beautifully described and illustrates how messages can come through the Soul Portrait as is it meditated on! Thank you for your comments Ladies!!
Here are a few more Soul Portraits! Enjoy!!
Individual Soul PortraitContact me today!

Couple Soul Portrait

Family Soul Portrait
Individual Soul Portrait
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