Soul Portraits by Charity - Soul Portraits reflect each unique Soul Essence!
About the Artist
Charity Ramsey is a gifted artist that intuitively creates individualized unique paintings she calls
***** Soul Portraits***** 
Being an intuitive energy artist, she uses these gifts of connecting with the soul energies of the recipient and "paints what comes through", guaranteeing a one of a kind piece of Art!
Canvas Sizes and Prices:
Square and Rectangle sizes available from 5x5 to 36x36 and everywhere in between. Essentially any canvas size available I can paint it!!
Prices vary according to size for example the most popular sizes include: ( all are 1.5 inches deep)
8x10, 12x12, 11x14 & 12x16 $175
16x20 $250
20x20 $300
18x36 $400
24x36 $500
36x36 $650
Paintings can be shipped and additional shipping costs may apply.
Payment by Cash or Check or through PayPal
All paintings are sealed with a semi-gloss finish and are ready to hang!
5x7 or 6x8 or 8x10 ($125) flat canvases are also available. These are perfect for small spaces, desks, shelves or altars! Wooden stand provided.
The following are examples of the 5x7 flat canvas portraits and the Pink/Blue 8x10 below
Pictured Below is Roger Hanson with his Soul Portrait. He is a gifted spiritual counselor and psychic artist. 
Also posted below are more Soul Portraits keep scrolling and enjoy!!!
Testimonial:Having a Soul Portrait done by Charity was one of the highlights of a recent trip to South Florida. The painting was absolutely beautiful, but the care with which Charity facilitated the painting was even more beautiful. By facilitation I mean: connecting to the universal whole of which my soul is a part, channeling the language of spirit and then translating that language into exquisite colors, shapes, and structures on canvas, caring for the portrait until i arrived, and then presenting it to me in an all-encompassing & loving manner. Charity is an ethereal being, balancing her spirit between two worlds (or more), who then bridges those worlds through her beautiful art. The Soul Portrait she facilitated for me is a constant visual & energetic reminder about the truest, most authentic part of me.
 -- Roger Hanson
Couples Soul PortraitIndividual Soul Portrait
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